​Our Doctors and Trainers Measure

Eye movement speed

Processing speed

Dynamic visual focus

Smooth visual pursuit

Simple reaction time

Choice reaction time

Binocular vision skills

Visual concentration

Contrast sensitivity

In Sports, Almost 80% of Perceptual Input is Visual.  But Even 20/20 Vision Does Not Mean Athletes are Performing at their Peak.

Objects don’t just sit there!  They move.  Fast!

Regular eye exams may reveal that you can see clearly, but they can’t tell how well you ascertain where a ball is in space, how fast it’s traveling or if it’s changing direction.  


That’s why we offer vision testing designed specifically for athletes. Using state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology, we can measure the specific vision skills that affect reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Our Optometrists analyze eye movement, brain processing and reaction time against peers, amateurs and pro athletes. 


FUNCTION is the ability to have basic, fundamental visual health and functionality, including:

  • Static (Visual) Acuity

  • Dynamic (Visual) Acuity

  • Contrast Sensitivity

  • Fixation Stability

  • Depth

  • Visual Fatigue

MECHANICS:  the eyes teaming together and muscle and nerve coordination to maintain effective and efficient use of the eyes:

  • Tracking Ability​

  • Latency

  • Speed

  • Efficiency

  • Targeting Accuracy

  • Visual Recovery


MIND-EYE refers to the interplay of vision and neuro-connectivity to include visual processing, including:

  • Processing Time​

  • Decision Making Accuracy

  • Reaction Time

ON-FIELD refers to how environmental factors can influence performance including vision via motor responses, including:

  • Distractability

  • Impulsivity


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